Instant credibility & trust in your services with our professional
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Raise the bar on your competitors. Brick gives you everything you need to build a highly effective online portal to your services.

Why you'll love Brick

Content Management System
Flexible, Hosted Content Management
Don't worry about hosting and server setup, all the different CMS options, getting someone to design a website for you and then worrying whether you'll be able to figure out how to update the content. Brick is easy to use, flexible and takes care of building, managing and hosting your website
Integrated CRM
Integrated Customer Database
Email marketing is a powerful tool for you to reach your customers - and bring them back to your business. Our inbuilt CRM automatically builds your customer database in the background, so you can create lists and send newsletters with ease.
Powerful Reporting & Analytics
We take reporting & analytics very seriously. From your web pages to your email marketing to lead management - Brick records every interaction your customers have with you and gives you the tools to track them.
Content Management System
Low Low Cost
Brick is unbelievable value for money. Brick is a website & content management system, an integrated customer database, an email marketing solution; its an easy-to-use online business builder. Thats value for money you just can't beat.
Integrated CRM
Customise Anything
Changing content is simple with our inContext editor, simply click on text to change it. Adding and editing images or videos are just as easy. You can grow your site the way you need to, add in more pages and build custom functionality youself. The controls are in your hands.
Easy To Use
Brick is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. You don't have to know anything about websites. Brick gives you the tools to get on with building your business without worrying about the technology.
Content Management System
Increase Business
Promote confidence in your services through a highly professional online face to your business. Use the inbuilt CRM to help get you repeat business and keep track of who's ever contacted, rented or bought through you.
Integrated CRM
Social Media and Email Marketing
Promote your business. Brick makes it easy to raise your profile through its inbuilt marketing tools and social media integration. Our inbuilt CRM automatically builds your customer database in the background, so you can create lists and send marketing and information newsletters with ease.
Supporting You
We're here to help when you need it. Friendly and timely support is always available once you sign up to Brick. You'll be assigned your own support contact details and can submit questions or tickets from your admin panel.