Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Why do I need an online business and not a website?

Isn't a website an online business? Well, no, not quite! Let me explain!

Let's say you have a product or service that is ready for market but it's not yet reaching its full sales potential. The obvious thing to do is get it more exposure in the marketplace. However, lets say you don't want to invest significant time and manpower, now that the product or service is market ready. A properly targeted website is the ideal choice to meet these criteria. A well targeted and managed website will provide global exposure for your business like no other media. You now have a hub for your business where you can reach your customer in an almost labour-free way. Now, your potential customers can connect with your business even while you sleep!

How is this different from an online business?
If it is done right, the extra exposure your website provides should;

  • Generate untapped interest and enquiries from your target audience.

The next step is to convert this new website traffic directly into sales. Instead of just marketing your product online, you lead the customer directly into a sale on first contact over the web. If your product and website is strong enough, it should be possible to do this without the communication overhead you would have had previously. Now you have an efficient business model. Now you have an online business. Now your customers can purchase your product or service even while you sleep!

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Norwich boss Chris Hughton reckons Capital One Cup progress will benefit the team
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"We're at home, and Villa are also in good form. They're a young, very energetic team, and we've seen the energy they put into games.
"It's an important trophy for us and it also keeps the momentum going," Hughton said.
And Hughton is keen to keep the spirit high at Norwich by progressing further in the competition.
The Canaries are currently on a 10-game unbeaten run and face Aston Villa at Carrow Road in the quarter-final of Capital One Cup on Tuesday.
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Norwich boss Chris Hughton reckons Capital One Cup progress will benefit the team
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The Canaries are currently on a 10-game unbeaten run and face Aston Villa at Carrow Road in the quarter-final of Capital One Cup on Tuesday.
Norwich boss Chris Hughton believes progress in the Capital One Cup could be beneficial for the team's league hopes.
"It's an important trophy for us and it also keeps the momentum going," Hughton said.
"When you're on a run you don't want the run to finish, and we've used this competition very well in the games that we've played, and we hope we can take that into tomorrow's game.
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Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has laughed off Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho's complaints of his side's fixture pile-up.Cruyff is regarded as one of the greatest names in Barcelona's history, where he won a La Liga title as a player in 1974, before returning to the Nou Camp as manager and leading the club to four consecutive domestic league trophies, as well as the 1992 European Cup.The footballing legend has become the latest high-profile footballing identity to contradict Mourinho, joining Barcelona president Sandro Rosell who challenged Mourinho's claims that Real had an unfair fixture schedule compared to Barcelona.The outspoken Portuguese manager had earlier blamed fatigue as the reason behind his team's draw against Deportivo La Coruna, stating that his players were tired from playing consecutive games with only a gap of three days.His comments came as a slight surprise considering many big teams who participate in European competition as well as reach the latter rounds of domestic cup competitions often play regularly in midweek and on the weekends.Rosell had earlier challenged Mourinho to prove that Barcelona had a more comfortable schedule.Now it is Cruyff's turn to refute the claims emanating from the Real camp, suggesting it is their inaptitude and game plan that is causing them to be tired.Speaking to El Periodico de Catalunya, Cruyff asserted: "Barcelona have less problems with playing two games per week than Real Madrid. The biggest difference between the two clubs is their style of play and that is the reason why Madrid struggle with the busy schedule.""Barca always dominate the games and have a lot of possession. Real Madrid on the other hand get a lot more tired because they always win the ball far away from their opponents' goal. That means they have to do a lot more running. Both going forward and in defence."Cruyff further went on record saying that Real had only themselves to blame for their disappointing result against Deportivo."Madrid could have easily won the match against Deportivo. they have some excellent players and always create plenty of chances.""However, there comes a moment where your players get tired and then you pay the price for all the excessive work in the previous games."Following the 0-0 draw with Deportivo, Real remain in second place behind Barcelona, who have now extended their lead to seven points.

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Mesut Ozil's performances in South Africa have raised interest from La Liga champions Barcelona.With doubts raised over whether Barcelona can get the transfer of Cesc Fabregas done this summer, the Blaugrana are looking at other possible alternatives to the Arsenal star.According to a report in El Mundo Deportivo, the Catalan powerhouse are closely monitoring the situation of Werder Bremen and Germany star Ozil just in case they fail to secure the services of Fabregas.Ozil was one of the revelations of the 2010 World Cup and the left footed playmaker had been linked with a move away from Werder Bremen.The 22-year-old's current contract with the Hanseaten is due to expire in the summer of 2011 and Werder are believed to be ready to cash in on Oezil this summer. A fee in the region of €15-20 million could be enough to lure the star away from the Bundesliga side.However, Barcelona face stiff competition in the race for Oezil's signature. Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City and Juventus have all been linked with the attacking midfielder, too.

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Full-back Daniel Alves has dismissed all rumours linking him to other clubs by declaring he wants to retire a Catalan.Alves has been recently linked to Chelsea but he has made it clear that he does not want to leave La Blaugrana or the Primera Liga.The Brazilian international sealed a move to Barca from Sevilla in the last offseason and has been impressive with his attacking overlaps and deadly crosses.Alves has a deal with Barcelona that will run until 2012 but but he admits that he would like to "hang up his boots" at Barcelona and even though "in football one does not know will happen".The defender will stay at the Nou Camp beyond his current contract if the club and fans want him as they have done "up to now"."For me, there is nothing better than being happy, and here I have found happiness for myself and also my family. When one is in a happy place there is no need or want to leave, therefore the rumours do not worry me," said Alves in an interview.The former Sevilla ace is the second Barcelona player to declare his wish to stay at the club, after Lionel Messi, and he agreed with the Argentine, and Andres Iniesta, that he would never join Real Madrid."They are players Iniesta and Messi] who owe a lot to the club and I am of the same opinion as them; that it would be a serious mistake to leave Barcelona and move to Real Madrid," admitted Alves.

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Klaas Jan Huntelaar believes he can adapt to life at Real Madrid, even though he admits it is likely to be a step up.Huntelaar, having passed his medical yesterday, put pen to paper on a four-and-a-half-year contract at the Bernabeu today before being officially unveiled to the public and press as the Spanish champions' latest addition.The 25-year-old, who was presented with his number 19 shirt by club president Ramon Calderon and the legendary Alfredo di Stefano, has spent his entire career so far in Holland but the Dutch international does not have too many concerns about making the switch to Spain or playing for one of the greatest clubs in the world.The main reason for that, Huntelaar points out, is that there are already five Dutch players plying their trade at Madrid, including former Ajax team-mate Wesley Sneijder who tread the same path from Amsterdam to the Spanish capital 12 months ago."I think it will be quite easy to adapt because there are a lot of Dutch players, some of which I knew at Ajax. If I need help, I can ask them," said Huntelaar."It's always better to arrive at a club where you already have some friends rather than not knowing anyone."He added: "Everything has happened very quickly, the medical, the presentation... This is the biggest club in the world and I must learn to understand how things are here. I know I will have to fight hard for a place in the team."Huntelaar is conscious that it is on the pitch where the main challenges are likely to lie though, with Madrid looking to the 25-year-old to fill the sizeable gap left by the injured Ruud van Nistelrooy, who is set to be out for up nine months.Huntelaar, who could end up costing Madrid around 27 million euros, has been a prolific scorer with both Heerenveen and Ajax in Holland, but he knows the Primera Liga will provide him with a different challenge."The championship here has a slightly higher level. In Spain I will come up against better players and I will have to grow. I hope i can do it," he added."It is a situation that is going to make me mature as a person."Huntelaar netted 33 league goals for Ajax last season, while his fellow Dutchman Van Nistelrooy walked off with the Pichichi award in his first season in Spain after finishing as the leading scorer in La Liga with 25 goals.Huntelaar preferred not to set himself a target though, saying: "Van Nistelrooy is a fantastic player, I'm another type of player. I am going to score the most number of goals that I can."The Madrid new boy is currently sidelined with an ankle injury that he suffered on November 9 and was initially expected to keep him out for six weeks.That did not prevent him from passing his medical yesterday, but Huntelaar believes he is still around a fortnight from being back to full health."I don't really feel much pain, I only have a few niggles. I'm not at my optimum state but I think I will be fine in a couple of weeks," he said.

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