Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Why do I need an online business and not a website?

Isn't a website an online business? Well, no, not quite! Let me explain!

Let's say you have a product or service that is ready for market but it's not yet reaching its full sales potential. The obvious thing to do is get it more exposure in the marketplace. However, lets say you don't want to invest significant time and manpower, now that the product or service is market ready. A properly targeted website is the ideal choice to meet these criteria. A well targeted and managed website will provide global exposure for your business like no other media. You now have a hub for your business where you can reach your customer in an almost labour-free way. Now, your potential customers can connect with your business even while you sleep!

How is this different from an online business?
If it is done right, the extra exposure your website provides should;

  • Generate untapped interest and enquiries from your target audience.

The next step is to convert this new website traffic directly into sales. Instead of just marketing your product online, you lead the customer directly into a sale on first contact over the web. If your product and website is strong enough, it should be possible to do this without the communication overhead you would have had previously. Now you have an efficient business model. Now you have an online business. Now your customers can purchase your product or service even while you sleep!

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